GISinc Logo (Blue)GISinc’s Water Expertise in the Utility Network Partners with SSP Innovations’ Oil, Gas, Electric, and Telecom Utility Network Expertise

Birmingham, AL: Geographic Information Services, Inc. (GISinc), the Premier GIS Services firm and Esri Platinum Business partner, has partnered with SSP Innovations, the leader in pipeline and telecom for Esri users, to provide complete Utility Network Management expertise. Both companies have received Esri’s Utility Network Management Specialty designations for expertise with utilities and the implementation of services using the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension.

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“GISinc brings an authoritative skill set within the water utility domain which is allowing SSP to focus on our primary markets of electric and gas utilities as the market transitions to the new Esri Utility Network. SSP and GISinc align very well around our core values of customer focus and using a partner-centric approach to meet or exceed expectations.”

– Skye Perry, CEO of SSP Innovations



SSP SyncGISinc Recommends SSP Sync for Utility Network Management Migrations

GISinc leverages SSP Innovations’ SSP Sync  product to successfully migrate customers with mature GIS systems from the geometric network to Esri’s new Utility Network. SSP Sync will push updates at a configurable rate while keeping your 10.2.x environment in place. The product was developed in concert with Esri’s product development team and utility network experts to follow industry best practices for migration.

“We view the SSP Sync product as a must-have for agencies transitioning into Esri’s Utility Network (UN). A testament their leadership and product team, SSP Innovations was one of the first Esri business partners to build technological domain in the UN and build products to streamline their customers’ UN migrations. We are excited to offer this product to our water utility and local government customers.”

 – Kevin Stewart, Senior VP of Sales at GISinc

Upcoming Webinar:

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Water Utility Network Migrations and Beyond with SSP Sync

11 a.m. CT, Thursday, November 7

During this 30-minute webinar, GISinc and SSP Innovations will discuss what it will mean to partner with both GISinc and SSP Innovations for full spectrum Utility Network Management Expertise.

  • Partnership benefits, especially for municipal organizations
  • Reasons to move to the Esri Utility Network
  • Process for Water Utility Migrations using SSP Sync
  • Things to consider before getting started

Conference: GeoConX and Esri Water Summit

October 27-30 in Atlanta, GA

Attendees of the Esri’s GeoConx Conference or the Esri Water Summit at GeoConx in Atlanta October 27-30 can schedule a meeting in person with SSP Innovations or GISinc in SSP Innovations’ Booth #221 to discuss your utility network interests and beyond.

About SSP Innovations

SSP Innovations helps utility, pipeline, and telecom organizations maximize return on the systems and software they’ve already invested in. With over 500 years of collective experience, their team of domain experts listens to the business challenges at hand and develops the solution that allows you to run a safe and secured operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, please visit or call (720) 279-9894.

About GISinc

Established in 1991, GISinc is an employee-owned company who offers Premier GIS Services, with offices throughout the United States. GISinc has a passion for delivering customer driven location technology solutions to federal, state and local, and commercial organizations. For more information, please visit or call (205) 941-0442.