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(Sun Prairie, WI) Axim Geospatial’s (Axim) vision is to empower our clients to solve the world’s toughest problems, which range from national security, mobility, global climate change and resiliency, environmental management, emergency response, and infrastructure design, construction and maintenance.

In response to new contract wins and expanded engagements with current and new clients, Axim has been aggressively hiring, adding 85 technical staff since January 1st. In continued support of a strong growth trajectory, Axim plans to add an additional 20 employees to join the company by midsummer.

To support this accelerated growth and respond to an increasingly competitive job market, Axim has enhanced its talent acquisition processes and support team.

“Today’s hiring market is extremely competitive, yet we’ve found that Axim’s compelling mission and vision, support of remote work, competitive pay, solid benefits package, and opportunities for career development make Axim a desirable firm to join.”

-              Steve Woolwine, Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

In addition, Axim has implemented a variety of initiatives that advance their goal of supporting and improving the employee experience. Examples include new and improved benefits packages, revamping the new employee onboarding process, and developing career path options so staff can see how to advance their career long term with Axim. These efforts ensure that new employees are well acclimated, have the tools, training, and processes to work efficiently, and are connected with their leaders, their peers, and the company at-large.

Recent Axim hires offer their perspective on these initiatives in action:

“I love the Axim culture, the collaboration, and the amount of effort people put into helping each other. It’s amazing. At first, I didn’t understand what people meant by Axim’s culture, but I’ve come to realize that the people are great, we are working towards big goals, and this is a great environment.”

-              Miles Harris, Solutions Engineer

“The job and company are better than I expected. We have a great team, many of the people on my team are really funny and have a great sense of humor and that makes work more fun. I’ve got the tools to be successful and my onboarding and training was very helpful.”

-              Cash Eddy, Solutions Engineer

In addition, Axim has emphasized and supported employee-led efforts to promote a positive company culture. Through Axim’s two face-to-face Connect events in 2022, large portions of Axim’s predominantly remote workforce will be brought together, allowing technical staff to share skills and reinforce each other, and give them focused opportunities to engage, share expertise, and learn. Axim’s culture development also greatly benefits from the voluntary, employee-led Culture Club group and team of Axim Brand Ambassadors.

“I’m really excited about our Axim Connect events! It’s critical that our technical teams have opportunities to share, learn from each other and identify the next solution. We have so much new talent coming into Axim that it’s important we leverage their skills and experience and get them excited about what it means to say 'We are Axim.' The energy from bringing together several passionate, geospatial-loving, driven problem-solvers is extremely powerful!”

-              Kevin Bupp, Senior Solutions Architect


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