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Discover Clarity Through Geography

Making the right decisions can be impossible if you lack clarity, resources, or guidance. Axim Geospatial helps you solve tough problems using location data, so you can make the world a smarter, safer, and better place.

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There is an Easier Way to Achieve Your Mission Using Geospatial Services and Solutions

At Axim, we know how hard it is to make the most out of your geospatial investment when you’re already spread thin. You need clarity on how to best utilize your data, services, and solutions so you can solve your toughest problems, achieve more with greater accuracy and less effort, and become a visionary leader for your community.

Axim has empowered thousands of organizations like yours to overcome complex problems using geospatial services and solutions. Our roots have helped defense and intel, federal, commercial, state and local, infrastructure, utility, and security organizations for over 30 years.

Having a dependable geospatial partner can mean the difference between avoidable headaches and peace of mind. Reach out to our team, and let’s work together to achieve your mission.

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“Axim Geospatial’s approach to problem-solving demonstrated the effectiveness web-based services and data utilization have on government decision-making. Their performance improved AMC's geospatial landscape, providing additional benefits to the United States Air Force.”

Angie Port
Contract Specialist, Air Mobility Command (AMC)

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"Our successful migration to the Network Management Specialty has been in large part due to the workshare relationship with Axim Geospatial. Our team has been able to learn and transition more easily by working side by side with expert partners. In addition to helping migrate our data, Axim has helped us implement new tools and processes, which have improved efficiencies for our department and other users."

Lindsey Stone
GIS Coordinator, City of Hastings

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"I trust Axim Geospatial in the details, from both a customer service and data management perspective. They strive to solve problems with innovative technology and solutions, making my job easier.”

Trisha Stefanski
Asset Management Engineer, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Who We Serve


Defense & Intel

We support our Defense and Intelligence clients to succeed in their missions at home and around the world, gaining a decisive advantage with geospatial services and solutions.

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Across the spectrum of agencies and their variety of missions, we help our Federal clients with right-fit geospatial services and solutions. We help clients solve their problems, improve operational awareness, and maximize efficiency.

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State & Local

We help our State and Local government clients maximize their geospatial investments to better serve their constituents and communities with improved insights, increased citizen engagement, and resource efficiencies.

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Ready to use geospatial services and solutions to direct meaningful change? We deliver actionable insight to help solve the most challenging business problems.

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Why Leaders, Managers, & Change-Makers Choose Axim Geospatial

Trying to create, manage, and use geospatial data and technology to solve tough problems can be overwhelming. But with Axim, you can:

  • Better understand and utilize your location-based data
  • Become a visionary leader in your respective industry
  • Improve operational awareness and efficiency
  • Reduce your stress and spend more time on the parts of your job you enjoy
  • Gain the support of a trusted partnership
  • Make the world a better, safer place

Achieve your mission with clarity through geography

Save lives, defend the nation, and conserve natural resources

Improve operational awareness and efficiency

Reduce stress by implementing reliable geospatial solutions

Gain the support of a trusted partnership

Maximize your Esri investment

3 Steps to Get More from Your Geospatial Technology


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Talk to an Expert

Set up a meeting with Axim Geospatial and one of our experts will work with you to create a plan to help you solve your problems.

Build the Solution

We will design a solution or teach you how to create the solution yourself. Either way, you’ll be set up for success.

Empower Your Organization

With the best geospatial plan in place, you can feel confident knowing you have what you need to achieve your mission.

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Discover 6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid with Operational Dashboards

When you invest the time, effort, and resources into creating an operational dashboard, you expect it to do what you need it to.

Unfortunately, people often make critical mistakes while developing their dashboard—mistakes that prevent them from getting the ROI they worked so hard for. And you could be making these mistakes right now.

But with our free guide, 6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid with Operational Dashboards, you can prevent errors before they happen and create an operational dashboard that serves your specific purpose.

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