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Your Partner for Solving State & Local Geospatial Problems

Don’t risk things going wrong because you are not getting the most from your location-based data and technology. Axim Geospatial has the knowledge, expertise, and resources to help you create effective solutions, solve complex problems, and make your community a better place.

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We Help Make Your Job Easier with Geospatial Services and Solutions

With limited resources and many people depending on the programs and projects you manage, you require geospatial solutions that provide results. You deserve expert partners who can provide end-to-end geospatial services and solutions and help maximize the return on your agency’s investment.

The team at Axim has helped over 500 State and Local Government agencies use geospatial solutions to solve business problems and improve their communities for over 30 years. We understand regional needs and how to incorporate right-fit answers that meet requirements and are cost-effective. 

From high accuracy mapping and photogrammetry to support roadway design, to bridge clearance and right-of-way asset mapping, to utility networks, enterprise GIS, and community dashboards, we are experts in end-to-end geospatial services and solutions. We have performed data collection across the country, and are a proud Esri Platinum Partner, as well as Cityworks Platinum Partner.

Schedule a meeting with our team today, and we’ll help you make the most of your technology and data.

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The 6 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Creating an ArcGIS Dashboard

Who We Help

State & Local Governments

Water Utilities

Public Works & Transportation

Health & Human Services

IT Departments

Public Safety & Emergency Management

Airports & Aviation

Land Records and Management

Community Development


How We Empower Organizations to Make Their Community a Better Place


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Cloud Services

Implementing cloud services requires intensive planning and decision making to execute correctly the first time. Let us take the stress off your plate. We help with architecture and design, cloud environment setup, implementation and migration, environmental management, server monitoring, software upgrades, and ad hoc support.

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Managed Services (Cloud/On Prem)

There’s so much at stake when you’re administering enterprise architectures. For over a decade, the experts at Axim have offered a variety of managed services to serve our customers on premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments. Our approach is adaptive and has proven to be successful for both small and large clients as well as across simple and complex environments.

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Utility Network (UN)

There is so much to know when considering the Utility Network. Axim provides a thoughtful and deliberate approach to ensure organizational and technological readiness for a successful UN adoption. By offering readiness and data assessments, UN jumpstarts, and UN migrations and implementations, Axim provides complete UN Support from planning through implementation.

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Implementing Cityworks for your organization’s specific infrastructure and requirements can be overwhelming. Axim makes the process easy. Utilizing industry best practices, we support implementation of the full Cityworks Suite (AMS & PLL), system administration services, business system integrations, knowledge transfer and training, and ad hoc support.

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“I trust Axim Geospatial in the details, from both a customer service and data management perspective. They strive to solve problems with innovative technology and solutions, making my job easier.”

Trisha Stefanski
Asset Management Engineer, Minnesota Department of Transportation

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“We truly appreciated the opportunity to work with the Axim Geospatial team on this Citywork Cayenta Integration. We will continue to let others know about this organization and how helpful the team was in making this project a success.”

Ken Carrier
Enterprise Applications Administrator, City of Hamilton, OH

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“I’m thankful for the Axim Geospatial team’s hard work on the UN Readiness Assessment. The deliverable and services exceeded our expectations. It was a pleasure to work with them.”

Ivy Pescador
Honolulu Board of Water Supply, HI

Featured Services

Develop and implement your vision for a geospatial system or solution through our Premier Services Program. The PSP is scalable and flexible, designed to accommodate unbounded location technology needs. You will get access to an entire team of geospatial experts who can help with everything from strategic planning and discovery exercises to targeted implementations/configurations and on demand support. With our PSP, you can maximize your investment and set your program up for success.

Find out how effectively your organization uses location data. Axim’s HealthCheck is a technical diagnostic and assessment of how your organization leverages geospatial solutions. Our staff identifies opportunities for growth and provides suggestions to help you use it to its full potential.

Support your goals and initiatives with quick wins. Axim offers remote and onsite jumpstarts to support installation, configuration, and one-on-one training for a wide variety of Esri Solutions. We offer jumpstarts for Enterprise Deployments, ArcGIS Online, Mobile and Field Solutions, COVID Business Continuity, HUB sites, Utility Network, Cityworks, and more.

Set up, implement, and launch ArcGIS Hub for your organization. Axim develops your community profile, enhances the site creation process, expands dashboards for tracking engagement, and makes it easier for the community and staff to leverage the information.

Create a connected workplace with a complete system for indoor mapping and location analytics. Axim supports organizations in the implementation of ArcGIS Indoors. This allows you to get executives, workplace services personnel, other employees, and visitors on the same page so they can understand, manage, and use their workplace environment effectively.

Improve your organization’s coordination and operational efficiency. We’ll help you transition away from paper into a modern platform that leverages your location data. With field maps for ArcGIS, you will be able to offer contactless solutions, boost productivity, minimize errors, save operational funds, and take advantage of the latest field mobility technology.

Maximize your investments and achieve full utilization of your geospatial system, business systems, and other enterprise applications. Axim supports singular or bi-directional integrations with existing business systems, geospatial solutions, and Cityworks. We have supported integrations with a variety of business systems to include financial systems, plan review, document management, customer service/relationship management, billing systems, CCTV, SCADA, AVL, “work smarter” initiatives, and more.

With MapMasq™, you can create locationally representative point files for analysis while preserving the anonymity of Patient Health Information (PHI) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Axim has the expertise you need to utilize MapMasq™ to the fullest extent.

Integrate RSMeans data from Gordion with Esri’s ArcGIS Platform. Cost Map for Water Utilities provides a quick and reliable construction cost estimation process through hosted content, services, and cost information. Axim allows you to use Cost Map to plan and identify project costs and make decisions around capital planning.

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Why Our State & Local Partners Choose Axim Geospatial:


  • You get the support of experts. As the only double Platinum Partners for Esri and Cityworks worldwide, we maintain technical certifications and are one of Esri’s recommended professional service partners.
  • You can trust us. We’re investing in your mission, not ours. We partner with you to create solutions today that will scale for tomorrow. 
  • You will always be in the know. GISinc leverages our partnerships and expertise to educate your organization on changes and advancements in technology through case studies, blogs, vlogs, and webinars.
  • You will break through the plateau. Partnering with GISinc provides you access to our massive internal brainpower, so we can get you the answers you need to move forward quickly. 
  • You will look like the leader you’ve always wanted to be. Many of our partners have won respective industry awards and become thought-leaders in their fields.


Schedule a MeetingThe 6 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Creating an ArcGIS Dashboard






Our Local Clients

Check out some of the State and Local clients we’ve helped get the most out of their location-based data and technology.



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You deserve a partner who can provide the expertise you need to solve complex problems and make your community a better, safer place. Schedule a meeting with Axim today to gain the support of a trusted team of experts that can help you create the solutions you need.

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