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Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC is excited to announce a rebrand of the company to Axim Geospatial, LLC (Axim) effective January 1, 2022. All Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC holdings (including wholly owned subsidiaries: GISinc and TSG Solutions) will remain in place to fulfill existing agreements but will operate as Axim for all new work.

Axim is the result of three companies that have come together in the last 18 months via acquisition. The rebrand is a merging of culture, services, capabilities, and technologies across these organizations that created the largest singular provider of end-to-end geospatial solutions and services in the U.S.

Axim’s mission is to use geospatial solutions to make the world a smarter, safer, and better place to live with a focus on empowering our clients to solve the world’s toughest problems. Collectively, Axim transforms information into insights and analysis into action to address challenges such as national security, global climate change and resiliency, infrastructure and physical security, and environmental management. Axim clients include national, state, and local governments, defense and intelligence agencies, infrastructure, energy, utility, commercial and environmental organizations.

“We were thrilled at the ease at which we came to a common mission and vision. There is a passion that runs through us all: to provide clarity through geography that empowers our clients to solve tough problems. Axim is an expression of that passion.” – Dave Hart, CEO & Co-Founder

The rebrand does not constitute a change in control nor does it change the persons with whom our clients work. Axim has over 360 employees located in nearly 40 states throughout the U.S. They currently hold 18 prime Federal contracts and have mapped on all 7 continents in 182 countries and counting.

“We are still the same people but with a broader set of capabilities and a clearly defined vision to help our clients succeed.” – Chris Gross, Vice Chair & Co-Founder

About Axim Geospatial
Axim Geospatial empowers organizations to achieve their mission by discovering clarity through geography. With Axim, you can access full-service geospatial services and solutions that include data services (collection, sourcing, conflation), geomatics (photogrammetry, survey, cartography, data modeling), business solutions (Esri, Cityworks, Axim ViSAR, PrISM, TheGeoAnalyst), cloud services (cloud managed services, application hosting, system migration), consulting (roadmaps, implementation, Enterprise strategies, custom solutions), analytics (AI/ML, training data, model creation, threat risk reduction), and professional services (staff augmentation, partnership, emergency support, training). Headquartered in Sun Prairie, WI, Axim is currently 1 of 15 Esri Platinum Partners and a Platinum Cityworks Partner.

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Topics: Federal, Commercial, State & Local, Defense & Intelligence