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Improve Your Efficiency & Peace of Mind with Cityworks

As a leader in the state and local, federal, or commercial sector, you have a lot on your plate. Trying to make the most of Cityworks & GIS technologies on top of everything else can be overwhelming.

With more than 10 years of Cityworks experience, Axim Geospatial is a Platinum Cityworks Implementation Partner who helps you leverage Cityworks to its fullest potential, so you can streamline your business processes and achieve your mission.

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We Help You Work Smarter,
Not Harder Using Cityworks

At Axim, we understand how difficult it is to try to make a difference when you don’t have the resources and processes you need to thrive. The right solution doesn’t just make your job easier. It makes it easier for you to make the world a better place.

As a Cityworks Partner, we bring a unique perspective to the implementation and optimization of Cityworks for workflows of all kinds. Our team has a combined 85+ years of experience with Cityworks. We specialize in tailored deployments, training, and integrations with Cityworks Platform based on your specific needs.

We don’t just set up Cityworks and leave. We ensure your organization has what it needs to utilize Cityworks to be successful. Together, we will make sure that your processes work seamlessly, so your team can stop wasting energy doing tasks they shouldn’t have to and start focusing on the tasks they enjoy.

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How to Get the Most Out of Cityworks Guide

How We Help

Ensuring you have all the right information ready to feed into Cityworks can be a headache. Let our team take the stress off your plate. Axim can help your organization assess, collect, and integrate the data that matters most into your Cityworks solution.

Axim supports work and asset management through the configuration of Cityworks service requests, work orders, and inspections to include equipment/labor/materials, visualization, dashboards, reporting, and training (end-user and administrative).

Our 3-part process makes it easy:

  1. Needs Assessment - To identify your workflows, we sit down with stakeholders to determine what they do and how they do it. We then document their feedback within a series of spreadsheets and Visio diagrams and review it face-to-face with your team.
  2. Implementation - Next, we use your workflow documentation to configure service requests, work orders, and inspections templates within Cityworks. We help you identify efficiencies so you can utilize the tools to their full capabilities, streamlining your processes as much as possible. We also develop detailed reports and analytical dashboards.
  3. Daily Use Support - Cityworks cannot work for you if your team doesn’t know how to utilize it. We provide end-user training to all organizational staff—field staff, managers, and supervisors—who will use the configured solution. We also provide administrative training for Cityworks, so your local admins can manage ongoing maintenance, perform general configuration, update reporting configuration, as well as provide end-user support.

Axim supports your organization’s needs, from full enterprise-level implementation to department-focused jumpstarts, which can establish a foundation to be built upon in later phases.

Cityworks PLL (Permits, Licensing, and Land) is another core component of Cityworks, making it easy for you to keep your business running smoothly without unnecessary headaches.

Managing development projects, permitting, licensing, code enforcement and other similar step-by-step workflow-based activities don’t have to be time-consuming.

We have a 3-part process for PLL implementation:

  1. Needs Assessment - Our first step is to identify each of your step-by-step workflows. We will document staff roles and responsibilities, interdepartmental communication, and all ancillary information pertaining to the workflows (such as case data, fees, reports, violations, flags, and licensing).
  2. Implementation - Next, we turn that documentation into permit types and code enforcement cases within Cityworks. We help you identify efficiencies so you can utilize the tools to their full capabilities, streamlining your processes as much as possible. We also assist with writing and formatting detailed reports, as well as form letters that are dynamically populated with permit info.
  3. Daily Use Support - Our PLL configuration includes end-user training for all organizational staff, field staff, managers, and supervisors who will use the new solution. We provide end-user training to all organizational staff—field staff, managers, and supervisors—who will use the configured solution. We also provide administrative training for Cityworks, so your local admins can manage ongoing maintenance, perform general configuration, update reporting configuration, as well as provide end-user support.

How are you measuring your success? Axim can create robust reporting tools to enable your organization to track and report your organization's established metrics. Some of the reporting tools we utilize include:

  • Crystal Reports
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 
  • Cityworks Analytics 
  • Operational Insights
  • Esri ArcGIS Dashboards
  • Insights for ArcGIS

Do software updates, patches, and upgrades add significant stress to your plate? Axim can help you stay up-to-date and on the latest versions with upgrades for GIS and Cityworks. Axim works with your organization to identify administrative support needs, creating a collaborative partnership.

We provide efficient Cityworks administrative consulting services for on-premise, CWOL (SaaS), Cloud (AWS/AZURE/Google), or hybrid environments. Axim specializes in the deployment of Cityworks, with a focus on enabling the platform to be easily accessible to both in-office and remote users.

Why waste time digging through legacy information in old applications when you can have it all in one place? Axim offers solutions to migrate historical records into all functional areas of Cityworks, allowing Cityworks to be your one-stop-shop for current and past information.

Axim develops a series of ETL (Export, Transform, and Load) processes to identify, format, and load legacy data into the various target endpoints within Cityworks. This enables you to maintain data continuity after Cityworks has been implemented.

Cityworks can make your public works, health and safety, and code enforcement tasks a breeze.

Axim can help set up Citizen Engagement-specific apps, allowing citizens to report issues directly into Cityworks. Those issues are resolved through your established workflows and business processes, allowing for automated updates to be communicated back to the reporter.

Axim can also set you up for success using PLL Public Portal, which enables citizens to apply for permits online, pay fees, and schedule inspections. Applicants can keep up-to-date with the status of their permits or licensing, reducing dependencies on your staff.

You cannot afford to waste time and money doing manual tasks that could be automated. Axim can help automate your existing tasks, reducing reliance on manual inputs, eliminating data input errors, and making your job easier by using back-end processes that allow for a more streamlined user experience.

Get even more from Cityworks with the use of webhooks. Webhooks are used to send messages to other applications based on triggering events within Cityworks, such as the creation of a service request, a status update on a work order, or an inspection score not within established parameters.

In addition, webhooks can be used to introduce additional behaviors within Cityworks. Webhooks can be used in conjunction with integration platforms such as Safe Software’s FME Server, allowing you to:

  • Send automated emails
  • Schedule tasks and scripts
  • Facilitate 3rd party software interactions (such as Esri’s Workforce for ArcGIS, Crowdsource Reporter, etc.)
  • Manage data between Cityworks and other platforms

Trying to make your business systems communicate with other enterprise applications can be an involved and time-consuming task. Axim develops singular or bi-directional integrations between Cityworks and a variety of business systems, including:

  • Financial systems
  • Plan review
  • Document management
  • Customer service/relationship management
  • Utility Billing systems
  • IoT (internet of things)
  • And More

With Cityworks’ business integrations, you can save valuable time, improve data integrity, and help drive better business decisions. This allows your organization to maintain authoritative data within the appropriate system of record.

We acknowledge your business is unique and unique business may require unique workflows. Cityworks supports tailoring the user experience to align with your organization's expectations, such as enhancing the underlying XML and CSS to include additional logic via JavaScript/API calls.

If you implemented Cityworks years ago but know it isn’t working to its fullest potential, Axim can help. We can help you reassess your current deployment to get the most value from your investment without adding more to your plate.

We help organizations optimize existing Cityworks implementations by:

  • Reviewing current workflows and business processes
  • Creating documentation
  • Developing new strategies based on best practices and your specific organizational workflows
  • Reconfiguring and/or updating the system to support the newly defined strategies

You don’t have to maintain Cityworks on your own. With ad hoc support from Axim, you can get everything mentioned above and then some. Our flexible and agile team provides on-demand support to set your team up for success and expand your capabilities. Axim can support organizations by providing full administrative services, or simply adding additional capacity to support your in-house administrative staff.

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Find Out How to Get the Most from Cityworks


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“[Axim Geospatial] was the perfect partner for our Cityworks AMS Jumpstart. Knowing we were working with someone that was both an Esri and Cityworks Platinum Partner gave us confidence that the job would be done well. Not only was it done well, but [Axim] exceeded our expectations and gave us the tools we needed to succeed on our own.”

Sven Griffin
GIS Coordinator for the City of Pflugerville, Texas

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"Carmel had an overwhelming task in replacing a decades-old permitting system and several software integrations to be performed. [Axim Geospatial] met and exceeded what we required in our Cityworks implementation and we continue to enjoy working with them."

Shane Burnham
Sr GIS Analyst, City of Carmel, IN



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The [Axim Geospatial] team truly understands our organization's technical infrastructure and goals, establishing a great working relationship. We now have increased visibility across departments, and our staff have recognized time savings with Cityworks workflows.

Chrissy Lingenfelter
GIS Administrator, City of Green

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