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Gain Clarity, Efficiency, & Confidence with Axim Geospatial’s Cloud-Based Services

It can be frustrating when you aren’t sure how to migrate to or manage maintain cloud environments in the most secure and efficient way possible.

With decades of experience in cloud migration and cloud managed services, the team at Axim Geospatial can help you stay up-to-date on the latest best practices, protect your data, and save money—all while improving your organization’s efficiency.

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Esri Partner Conference 2023 Award Winner and ArcGIS Cloud Services Specialty Axim Geospatial

The Easiest Way to Define, Secure, and Deploy Cloud Strategies

No matter how quickly technology changes, cloud services don't have to be a headache. A trusted partner can help you take advantage of all the cloud has to offer without adding more stress to your plate.

The highly trained, certified, and focused personnel at Axim have delivered cloud-based services for Esri users for over a decade. We will teach you how to build and maintain a system that fits within your overall strategy. And, because technology is always evolving, we will provide ongoing software updates and ad hoc support so your cloud-based system will work for years to come.

Whether you need a simple or robust solution, we have got you covered. Schedule a meeting with Axim today to team up with experts who care as much about your mission as you do.

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How We Help

For your cloud solution to succeed, you need a strong understanding of the technical, functional, and utilization requirements. Our team offers lightweight and 2-day options to help you identify deployment patterns, optimize your system’s performance, and minimize cost. We follow the latest best practices and work within your constraints to meet your organizational objectives.

You shouldn’t have to invest in a solution that doesn't fit your needs. We will set up a tailored solution in your preferred provider (Amazon, Azure, and Google Cloud), while accommodating your billing preferences, performance objectives, and fault tolerance requirements. Although your solution will be tailored for your organization, we always follow industry best practices and work within your budget.

If you need to move your data to the cloud or from one service to another, your first step is to understand the deployment, architecture, and dependencies of your current system. Our team helps you create an informed migration strategy that minimizes disruption to production, workflows, and functionality.


Download the Free Guide to ArcGIS Cloud Migration

Implementing OnPrem or Cloud Services requires extensive planning and decision making to execute correctly the first time. Axim offers a variety of services to help you set up, implement, and maintain cloud environments for entities of all types.

You don’t have to manage your system on your own. Axim assumes administrative responsibility for the servers, including operating system management (e.g., patches, upgrades), security and access controls, and general system health management. You will receive monthly reviews and action plans to keep your system running smoothly.

To maintain the health of your system, you need to track server performance. We can make this easier for you by implementing a server monitoring solution developed by us, Esri, or a recommended third party. These system monitoring solutions help you identify and resolve underlying issues between scheduled reviews before a problem arises.

Keeping up with technology changes doesn’t have to be costly or overwhelming. We can include annual software updates within our standard services. These typically include one primary software (e.g. Esri, Cityworks), but we also work to accommodate client requests.

If you need more support, we are happy to accommodate your needs as your budget allows. Our flexible ad hoc services can include platform configuration, data migration, automation, knowledge transfer, and more. We’ll provide you the support you need to achieve your mission, whatever it may be.

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"Axim Geospatial has done a phenomenal job! They took the time to understand the complexity, integration, and core dependency on our critical systems before creating a solution for our team. Very impressed!"

Michael Salas
CIO, Suez in North America


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“It has been amazing how everyone pulled together to get this done even with the time restrictions and obstacles. It is almost surreal how this was able to be completed on time. The Axim team has been really outstanding in all aspects. They were really adaptable to our needs and able to meet them accordingly.”

Imrul Hack
Project Manager, City of Miramar


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“Compliment to Axim Geospatial and the ANC team for being steadfast and working through all the challenges very professionally to accomplishing the cloud migration feat. Proud to work with these guys.”

Abhi Kalavapudi
ANC PMO Support, US Army Geospatial Center Arlington National Cemetery


Grow Your Knowledge of the Cloud & ArcGIS Enterprise

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Cloud Migration Process

Migrating to ArcGIS Enterprise can be a daunting task. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind, as well as a breakdown of the process we typically follow.

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How One Organization Saved Money and Increased their Capabilities Using Cloud Software

It can be difficult to get the most out of your Esri investment if your existing GIS system is outdated, inefficient, or a poor fit for your business. 

Recently, a client reached out to us for help migrating from their on-premise system to a cloud-hosted solution. They wanted [Axim Geospatial] to maintain the system, so they could focus on providing more support to their growing GIS user community.

After meeting with the client to determine the requirements of the new enterprise deployment, we designed a new solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS). We then migrated the current system to a new AWS cloud-hosted environment, performed testing, documented all configurations, and worked side-by-side with stakeholders to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Switching to the cloud not only saved the client money but also provided increased reliability, convenience, and security. With their new solution, the client can:

  • Focus efforts on expanding the use of their GIS to additional departments using Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise Portal
  • Leverage continuous monitoring, regular auditing, and controlled access to their GIS cloud environment 
  • Reduce dependency on on-premise hardware
  • Scale their current bandwidth up or down as needed 
  • Update their new system as needed and patch to the latest version of Esri ArcGIS to maximize software capability

Ready to take advantage of all the cloud has to offer? Give Axim a call today and we’ll create a custom solution for you. 

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Make the Most of Your Cloud-Based Solution

Migrating and utilizing the cloud doesn’t have to be stressful. Schedule a meeting with Axim today to gain the support of a trusted team of experts that can help you define, secure, and deploy cloud strategies to help you achieve your mission.

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Esri Partner Conference 2023 Award Winner and ArcGIS Cloud Services Specialty Axim Geospatial