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This article may reference work, projects, customers, and contracts related to NV5 legacy companies before their acquisition by NV5.

NV5 has been honored with the Utility Network Implementation award at the 2023 Esri Infrastructure Management and GIS (IMGIS) Conference in Palm Springs, California. The award acknowledges NV5's excellence in bringing ArcGIS Utility Network to bear for utilities across the United States.

IMGIS Award PhotoNV5 is an Esri Platinum Partner with six Esri Specialty Designations, including Network Management, and is a trusted partner for many organizations utilizing Esri's ArcGIS software for infrastructure management and operations. ArcGIS Utility Network is a next generation network management software that enables utilities to better understand, maintain, and operate their utilities. NV5’s successful approach to Utility Network implementation involves evaluating existing data and operations, creating a customized success plan, and closely collaborating with clients on execution and ongoing maintenance.

A premiere example of a Utility Network implementation is that from Charlotte Water. This success story reflects NV5's successful implementation approach for the largest water utility to go live in production with Utility Network. Read more about the Charlotte Water project here.

NV5 also won Esri’s Cloud System Implementation award earlier this year. Read more about that award here.




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