Improve Your Efficiency & Peace of Mind with the ArcGIS Utility Network

When utilities don’t deliver reliable service or provide a seamless user experience, you may have to deal with unnecessary work, frustrated customers, and avoidable headaches.

Axim Geospatial is a Platinum Esri Implementation Partner that holds the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Specialty Designation. With more than 20 years of water experience, we can help you provide greater customer support, improve communication across your organization, and do even more for the people who depend on you using ArcGIS’s dynamic Utility Network.

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We Help You Maximize Your Impact & Minimize Headaches Using the ArcGIS Utility Network

At Axim, we understand that your GIS solution should make life easier for your team and your customers—not more complicated. This is why we help leaders in the water industry make the most out of the ArcGIS Utility Network (UN).

Your organization has unique goals. To help you achieve them, we design a flexible and agile solution specific to your needs. Our team specializes in water solutions including planning, design, migration, and full implementation. Whether you need full implementation or more limited ad hoc support, we can help create the ideal pathway for your workflows, challenges, and budget.

As the first Esri Partner to earn the UN specialty designation for the water domain, Axim has regular syncs with Esri teams to help your organization make the most out of this emerging technology. We understand the technical foundation, business direction, and strategies to effectively adopt the UN. 

We are SSP’s only partner organization authorized to implement their specialized SSP Sync product. In other words, we migrate your existing data to the UN with minimal inconvenience to your team while providing operational risk mitigation.

There is an easier way to achieve your mission using the UN. Reach out to our team today. Our team will provide you with foundational knowledge of UN technology and teach you how to integrate the dynamic solution with your business systems.

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How We Help

Do software updates, patches, and upgrades add significant stress to your plate? Axim can help you stay up-to-date with the latest versions and upgrades for your GIS and the UN. Axim works with your organization to identify administrative support levels, creating a collaborative partnership. 

Together we will make sure:

  • You are educated about all your system requirements and understand everything that will happen during the migration. 

  • Your servers and desktop configuration are well equipped to handle the UN’s capabilities and your version requirements are up to date. 

  • You have all the infrastructure necessary to support business integrations and external systems such as asset management, SCADA, maintenance scripts, and/or licensing.

Migrating to the ArcGIS Utility Network can be overwhelming, even if you are highly familiar with Esri and GIS technology.

The UN Jumpstart is an ideal way to initiate the transition toward the new Esri data model for water utilities. The process includes:

  • A preliminary remote discovery session, where we will explore your existing and required architecture

  • An orientation to gain a deeper understanding of your current data inventory and structure, so we can create a customized plan for your migration

  • A core UN Jumpstart on-site exercise, which allows us to target a single functioning utility network for the water system 

  • A review process to catch data errors and make recommendations 

  • Base rule and network behavior configuration with immersive training sessions, where we will demonstrate process and capabilities to a targeted audience of users

The Esri UN represents a significant and powerful deviation from legacy data models and associated constructs, which can put a lot of stress on your team.

The Axim UN Readiness Assessment is designed to help organizations understand the best ways to utilize their current data, model, processes, SOPs, and more. In this 2-day exercise, our team evaluates your data and facilitates discussions with stakeholders, so everyone understands how the UN can be utilized and the migration strategy can be handled with minimal inconvenience.

After the Readiness Assessment, your organization will walk away with a roadmap breaking down the path toward UN implementation and the requirements that need to be taken into consideration. The roadmap includes documented conversations, observations, and recommendations.

Before you start to implement, the most critical exercise you can do to save headaches in the long run is to review your data. The ArcGIS Utility Network has stringent data quality business rules and capabilities that most organizations don’t have the data to support.

Our goal is to set your organization up for success, so you can spend less time worrying about the migration and more time maximizing your efficiency.

The data review process involves cleaning up source data prior to migration, such as data errors that could cause problems during the transfer. We will also review data internally and provide a prioritized list of errors to help your organization identify what needs to be done first.

If you skip this planning step, data errors will pop up and stall your implementation.

Having a trusted partner available to help you make the most out of the ArcGIS Utility Network can make all the difference. In addition to Axim's standard bundled services for the Utility Network, Axim also offers full implementation services, helping manage your project from earliest planning steps through to full adoption. 

Your organization's needs are unique. To make the transition easier for you, we can start wherever you are in the process and complete through a predetermined intermediate milestone or full adoption. Our process also divides labor between our staff and yours to suit your preference and comfort level.

We'll help provide an implementation road map, including optional special migration and risk mitigation tools such as SSP Sync, and point out third-party dependencies that your organization also needs to consider. Whether you need full assistance or only a portion of the implementation, Axim's UN team can support your organization to success.

Our implementation process can include:

  • Readiness Assessments: Our team will help you evaluate your existing technical environment, data validation, business processes, and organizational readiness.

  • Implementation Road Map: Once we have a clear idea of where your organization currently stands, we provide a detailed road map that includes timelines, budgetary estimates, environment, and third-party dependencies.

  • Data Cleansing: To help keep the project moving smoothly, we can also provide guidance on common error types.

  • Platform Implementation: We have the ability to help you deploy and configure the ArcGIS Enterprise architecture needed to support the UN’s database and services requirements.

  • Migration Planning: We can facilitate the process for developing schema design, data mapping, and one-time or iterative migration tools.

  • Integration Planning: We offer additional support to help you identify points of concern and create a strategy for third-party business system integrations.

  • Implementation: Our team can take the stress of building business rules and configuring the UN’s advanced capabilities off your plate. We can create database schemas, set up migration tools, implement services, and deploy the UN through tiered environments.

  • Education and Outreach: Based on your organization’s unique needs, we provide end-user knowledge transfer. This process ensures that data managers, IT professionals, and field operators all feel confident using the tool.

Trying to make the platform communicate with your business systems and other enterprise applications can be time-consuming. Axim develops singular or bi-directional integrations with a variety of business systems, including:

  • Asset/Work Order Management


  • Inspection Software/CCTV

  • Utility Billing Systems

  • Customer Service & Relationship Management

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure

  • And more

Business integrations can fold into the full implementation process as well.

Are you confident in your ability to implement the ArcGIS Utility Network and would like the peace of mind that comes with additional support? With the UN implementation support process, you can tackle the implementation with additional support from the Axim team.

We will assist you with all migration processes involved in the UN Implementation Path and your team will own the implementation. At every step of the process, we will provide direction, tech guidance, and support. This process can greatly reduce your financial obligation and help you feel confident knowing you are completing the implementation correctly.

You don’t have to maintain the ArcGIS Utility Network on your own. With ad hoc support from Axim, you can get support right where you need it. 

Our flexible and agile team provides on-demand help to set your team up for success and expand your capabilities. Axim can support organizations by providing full administrative services, or simply adding additional capacity to support your in-house administrative staff. 

Our ad hoc support can include:

  • Technical environment review, including integrations and your existing server architecture

  • Project implementation planning

  • Data assessment and cleansing

  • Database schema design

  • Data migration planning and implementation including Esri Data Loading Tools or SSP Sync

  • UN configuration (connectivity rules, containment, association, subnetworks, traces)

  • Technical environment implementation

  • Immersive knowledge transfer sessions

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Grow Your Knowledge of ArcGIS Utility Network


3 Reasons to Implement Esri's ArcGIS Utility Network Management Solution

Learning a new program can be a challenge, so why should you consider moving from the Geometric Network to the UN? Watch this quick video to learn the 3 main reasons organizations are implementing the UN for water utilities.

3 Reasons To Implement Esris ArcGIS Utility Network

Quick Guide to Isolation Tracing in the ArcGIS Utility Network

Why is isolation tracing important? In this 4-minute vlog, Axim's Steve Mulberry and Emerson Chew explore the benefits of isolation tracing. You will also learn how to isolate assets within the UN, focusing on the Water Distribution Infrastructure.

ArcGIS Utility Network Management - Isolation Tracing

The Benefits of Containment Associations in the ArcGIS Utility Network

Containment associations play a critical role in the UN, specifically for a Water Distribution System. The video below breaks down the four reasons why organizations should take advantage of the nested containment capabilities within the UN.

ArcGIS Utility Network Management - Containment Associations

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"I'm thankful for the [Axim] team's hard work on the UN Readiness Assessment. The deliverable and services exceeded our expectations. It was a pleasure to work with them."

Ivy Pescador
Honolulu Board of Water Supply, HI

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"Working with [Axim] has been one of our best decisions. It's so nice and easy to have them to call when I need help. They're saving us a lot of time by providing the best practices and tips that we were not aware of."

Pat Creamer
Deputy Director of GIS, City of Mobile, AL



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"Thanks in large part to [Axim Geospatial], our team has been able to successfully transition to the Utility Network while working side by side with expert partners. [Axim] has also helped us implement new tools and processes, which have improved efficiencies for our department and other users."

Lindsey Stone
GIS Coordinator, City of Hastings


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Once you have switched to a smartphone, you would never go back to a flip phone. That is the exact type of transformation your organization could achieve with the ArcGIS Utility Network.

In this free webinar, you will:

  • Learn why the UN is worth the effort and how to build your case for the initiative 
  • See technical demos in the UN to see the difference for yourself
  • Hear a breakdown of the SSP Sync tool from our friends at SSP Innovations
  • Listen to honest feedback from an agency who moved to the UN
  • Walk away with a list of questions to work through before you take the next step in your migration

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