Maximize Your Efficiency, Accuracy, & Impact with Geospatial Asset Management

Don’t let inaccurate, costly, and time-consuming methods prevent you from achieving your mission.

Axim Geospatial helps you make the most out of geospatial asset management solutions, so you can spend less time worrying about your data and more time focusing on what you do best.

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Geospatial Asset Management Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

When you lack high-quality collection methods, your data isn’t the only thing at risk. Your organization could lose money and opportunities, your team has less time for more pressing tasks, and you lack the actionable insight needed to make optimal decisions in your industry.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to collect accurate data, manage your assets, and expand your impact.

For over a decade, we have helped dozens of clients collect, identify, and track millions of assets. Our team takes the time to identify the assets most important to you, meticulously collect and deliver the data, and perform integration and analysis to help you determine the best next steps.

With the right asset management solution, you can increase the efficiency of your processes and the accuracy of your data while simultaneously reducing your team’s stress. Schedule a meeting today to build a better-engineered infrastructure that stretches your budget and keeps people safe.

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How We Help

Inaccurate data collection can be a headache for everyone in your organization. Our team is here to make the process simple, dependable, and efficient. Our team uses modern geospatial technology to collect data in the field at the accuracy your organization requires for success.

  • Mobile mapping solutions: Get high resolution, georeferenced 360-degree imagery and highly accurate 3D lidar point clouds without adding extra stress to your plate. Axim offers mobile mapping solutions at highway speeds for mapping along right-of-ways, as well as indoor mapping with compact, backpack-mounted sensors.
  • Aerial mapping solutions: Aerial data collection can cover a lot of ground quickly while still capturing high-resolution data. From fixed wing to UAV platforms, we know which sensors and which platforms to use to get you the right fit data, fast. We deploy aerial sensors that collect high-resolution imagery (including RGB and NIR) and aerial lidar for collecting detailed 3D point clouds of wide AOIs.

We understand how frustrating it can be when your geospatial partner stalls your project. So our skilled management will keep your project moving efficiently from start to finish, while experienced field crews perform safe and fast source data collection across the country.

We understand that getting the most valuable information extracted from your data is critical to keep your project moving. Our team will work with you to define and understand what assets and attributions are important to your success, and then deliver exactly the information you need.

Once we have defined the critical asset data, our skilled geospatial analysts use defined data dictionaries, powerful software, and proven processes to extract it so you can focus on your other tasks. We also employ artificial intelligence and automation to expedite feature extraction with high accuracy.

Throughout the process, strict quality control will ensure the accuracy of asset location, type, condition, and a host of other descriptive attributes. This helps you gain valuable attributes out of your data for improved decision making.

Sourcing and extracting data are one piece of the asset management puzzle. To turn that data into insight, that data needs to be brought into systems and platforms where you can best leverage it.

We bring asset data where you need it most. With our software solutions, you can understand and engage with your asset inventory data in all types of applications—ensuring your data drives action and makes a difference.

Additionally, we provide asset data in the formats you work with, loading it into:

  • Enterprise asset management (EAM) systems (like Cityworks)
  • Standalone portals
  • CAD and industry-specific engineering software

Are you feeling overwhelmed setting up your enterprise asset management system? Or do you have an existing system that your team is struggling to maintain on their own?

As Cityworks Platinum Partners and Platinum Esri Partners, we have experience working with many asset management systems. Together, we will take steps to ensure your solution fits your needs as they grow.

We can support you in your AMS implementation and services, including:

  • Strategies
  • Configuration
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Customizations

Relying on outdated data storage is not just a potential security risk. It is also frustration to your team. Move your data from stacks of hard drives to a cloud hosted solution. Cloud hosted geospatial data reduces burden on IT resources and allows for data to be securely accessed from anywhere, including in the field.

*Learn more about our full suite of Cloud Services here.

Our team provides our clients with secure and reliable cloud hosting for large geospatial data sets. We are experienced in hosting data across industry standard platforms, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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“I trust [Axim Geospatial] in the details, from both a customer service and data mangement perspective. They strive to solve problems with innovative technology and solutions, making my job easier.”

Trisha Stefanksi
Asset Management Engineer, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Free Webinar: Maximizing Asset Management

Getting accurate data is a struggle on its own. However, on top of that, many local governments face additional struggles with their asset management such as:

  • Extensive assets with limited resources to monitor them
  • Environmental factors like weather and seasonal conditions
  • Compliance and safety issues
  • Varying levels of asset inventory

How can you overcome these challenges to improve workplace efficiency, eliminate manual processes, and gain actionable insights?

Watch our free webinar, Maximizing Asset Management: A Geospatial Approach. In this webinar, we discuss actionable steps you can follow to reduce friction in your asset data collection, extract the most value from the data, and integrate that data into your business systems for maximum benefit.

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