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Are you just starting your research of AMS or PLL systems and considering Cityworks? Or perhaps you're familiar but you are wanting to know the extent of the Cityworks Capabilities? This blog is for you. Watch the following VLOG from Axim's Cityworks expert, Thomas Willson, and find out how the Esri-centric Cityworks platform could help you and your organization.




During this video, we cover: 

  • What is Cityworks? 
  • The relationship between Cityworks and Esri's ArcGIS System
  • Capability overview: AMS (Asset Management System) and PLL (Permitting, Lands, Licenses)
  • Who typically chooses Cityworks? 
  • Social Proof - Deployment examples from Axim Geospatial
  • How can the ArcGIS Utility Network and Cityworks complement each other? 
  • Is Cityworks ArcGIS Indoors Ready? 
  • Can Cityworks support floor-aware data natively? 
  • Can Cityworks support 2D and 3D data?
  • Non-traditional uses of Cityworks: tracking artwork, concessions, fleet management, snow removal, facilities management 


Axim is a proud Cityworks Platinum Implementation Partner.
Do you need help getting started with Cityworks or integrating it into other business systems?

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Topics: State & Local, Asset Inventory, Public Works, Cityworks