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Trying to facilitate and coordinate COVID-19 Testing Centers can be a challenge. Having access to tools that can help us access the need for testing and plan for test centers to be set up in your community is critical. 

This video shows you an example of a public survey form, built on Esri's Survey123 Platform that allows for quick collection of information from anyone who would like to request a COVID-19 test. This form could be distributed via the web or filled out by a call center for anyone without internet access. Additionally, the form could be taken into the field to access homeless populations. 

When you deploy a Survey123 form, you have the ability to customize the questions to capture the information important to achieving your objectives. The data then feeds into ArcGIS Operations Dashboards so that responders can quickly access the capacity and need for testing centers.

See it in action in the following 2.5-minute VLOG: 

HubSpot Video


If you would like further information or assistance in deploying Survey123 or the Operations Dashboard for your COVID-19 initiatives, contact  our team today!

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