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We’re recapping the Esri Developer Summit 2022 with all the product updates, new technology advancements, and other big news from Esri.

Esri Developer Summit 2022 was open to in person attendance this year, which was a welcomed adjustment for many after going virtual-only due to the pandemic. Esri also offered many sessions in a hybrid in-person/virtual format that allowed for a much broader attendance. The Axim team attended both the Esri Developer Summit and the Esri Partner Conference both in person and virtually and have a lot of insights to share.

Here's a brief recap of the highlights, and watch the vlog above from our very own Steve Mulberry and Kelly Bigley for their expert takes on what these updates mean for the Esri community.

What’s New with Esri ArcGIS Enterprise

  • 11.0 will be out this year!
  • 10.9.1 is set up to be a helpful transitional version
  • Esri ArcGIS Kubernetes – lots of updates to capabilities with a more familiar and friendly front-end experience

Esri ArcGIS as a Catalyst for Innovation

  • Solutions are more integrated to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning technologies
  • Increased availability of prebuilt models and tools

Refining the Developer Platforms

  • Continued refinement for JavaScript API, iterative releases
  • Design System, PaaS - more features, incorporating community feedback
  • Instant Apps

Reality Capture

  • 3D content that can support indoor and outdoor mapping
  • SiteScan, Drone2Map, ArcGIS SURE

Axim Dev Summit 2022 Welcome BackIt's sure good to be back at in person events!


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