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This article may reference legacy company names: Continental Mapping, GISinc, or TSG Solutions. These three companies merged in January 2021 to form a new geospatial leader [Axim Geospatial].


Esri Dev Summit - Reflections 

There is a lot of new technology to be excited about this year at the 2019 ESRI developer summit, including: the addition of python notebooks integrated directly with the ArcGIS API, new Deep Learning and Data Tools, and the ever-expanding functionality of the ArcGIS APIs and SDK across major platforms, just to name a few. Through all of the new and exciting technology being debuted, there was one part of the plenary session that I found of particular interest, and it’s not even technical in nature.

Changes to ArcGIS

During the plenary session, there was a lot of discussion about changes to ArcGIS for developers. Most notable was the ability to use a significant amount of cloud resources for free, along with a cost reduction for many ArcGIS online services like layers, base maps, and much more. Over the years, I have built more than a few personal apps with mapping technology. However, in spite of it being a superior platform in many ways, I always stayed away from ArcGIS due to the costs associated with it. With these newly announced changes, I am likely to use ArcGIS online for my next geo-enabled personal project!

The Future of ArcGIS

In addition to my own personal usage,  I find this so exciting because I believe this will open the door for startups and other small or newly formed organizations to use the ArcGIS Online platform. These companies will be able to scale ArcGIS and use it in a way that is manageable for small organizations without deep pockets. These same small organizations will be able to grow exponentially and have access to the same geospatial tools as very large organizations; and this, in my opinion, is a game changer!


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