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Last week Axim Geospatial hosted a webinar along with Harry Reid International Airport and Esri on, Come Inside: Indoor Mapping, ArcGIS Indoors, and the Blue Dot Experience - watch it here

Audience participation was excellent - so excellent that we didn't have a chance to answer all of the questions during the live broadcast. For your convenience, we've summarized the questions answered by Axim Geospatial's Steve Mulberry and Esri's Beau Ryck in this webinar recap blog. 


  1. Question Asked Answer Given Answerer
    How do you selectively screen out sensitive security information for public facilities when this information potentially gets shared on the Internet? Sensitive information can be filtered out before publishing any services for public use. This could be done at the data level or the map service level. Steve Mulberry, Axim
    Do the indoor maps use a projected coordinate system or just a local rectangular coordinate system?  If it uses true projected coordinates based on an appropriate datum, how do calculated distances reflect actual distances between points inside the building? Typically all data sources within ArcGIS use some type of projected coordinate system this is the basis of GIS. Also, this is inherent with all ArcGIS solutions which means any tools used to calculate distance or perform spatial analysis, or spatial filtering is performed within that projected coordinate system. Steve Mulberry, Axim
    How do you establish the location of the beacon when you place it and set it up (and relate that position to the indoor map)? There is a hardware placement exercise that needs to take place before placing any beacons. Typically we use a floorplan of the space to initially calculate the place of all beacons. A good beacon can cover about 250 square feet or 100 square meters. Also, the line of sight is important. We try to place the beacons so that any one beacon has a line of sight to any 2 other beacons. With these two considerations, one can do a pretty good job at pre-planning beacon placement. Steve Mulberry, Axim
    Does IPS works in the web browser (not apple Wi-Fi positioning)? Currently, IPS does not work in a browser. The ArcGIS Indoors Mobile Application provides IPS or Blue Dot capability on mobile devices. Beau Ryck, Esri
    What is the cost of providing the ArcGIS indoor and IPS system and equipment? So far it is not a piece of public information as ArcGIS Pro is?  ArcGIS Indoors and IPS are available as organizational extensions at fixed, low rates. Total project costs including complimentary products, server cores, and beacon hardware vary based on use case, quantity of users, and number of floors. Please check with your Esri Account Manager to see if you qualify for any programmatic discounts. Beau Ryck, Esri
    How does ArcGIS Indoors complement an organization that has a mature BIM practice.?  Organizations with mature BIM practices will be able to provide data for ArcGIS Indoors more efficiently than organizations that don't. ArcGIS Pro provides tools for direct data integration and conversion from BIM to the ArcGIS Indoor Information Model. Steve Mulberry, Axim
    What is a typical per 1000 sf cost to utilize this type of product? ArcGIS Indoors and IPS products are no longer priced per square foot. They're priced at fixed low rates. Please check with your Esri Account Manager to see if you qualify for any programmatic discounts.  Beau Ryck, Esri
    Does ArcGIS Indoors support panoramic image data/files? You can attach links, videos, and images to features that pop up when selected. Beau Ryck, Esri
    With GeoBIM, if we are interested in BIM, should we wait for GeoBIM or will Indoors do the same thing? Indoors and GeoBIM are different products that both offer access to models of building information in either a native GIS format (Indoors) or in a web view of Revit data through an integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud. Beau Ryck, Esri
    How dispersed should BLE beacons be? Typically we try to place 3 beacons for every 250 square feet or 100 square meters and try to maintain the line of sight from one beacon to any other 3 beacons. Of course, each space is unique and needs proper beacon placement exercise and planning. Steve Mulberry, Axim



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