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This article was written regarding work conducted under legacy company names: Continental Mapping, GISinc, or TSG Solutions. These three companies merged in January 2021 to form a new geospatial leader Axim Geospatial.

The client was an existing client, part of GRC. The Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) initiative is intended to improve the existence and completeness of their assets. The goal was to improve their real property information system, called iNFADS (Internet Naval Facilities Assets Data Store), making sure every record in the system had a matching GIS feature and that every GIS feature had a matching record in the real property information system. Prior to this project, there was no way to do a good comparison between the two, nor did they have the capability to track statistics of how well or poorly their records matched up.

Working with the client, we were able to implement a series of complex business rules and queries to compare both iNFADS and their GIS system. From there we built an application in ASP.NET that also used some jQuery for user interface elements. The application performs queries on Oracle databases to produce statistics at the worldwide, regional, and installation levels - really showing the number and percentages of matched features and unmatched features. Those reports would then be used by analysts on both real property and GIS sides to reconcile and reduce the number of unmatched features. The tool is in production now...we're continuing to work on it and do maintenance. The goal for the client is to have each region work through these issues (un-reconciled or unmatched features) and decrease the number of unmatched features by 20% every year. Currently, most regions are pushing north of 90%.

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Topics: Federal, Data Transformation