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We're following up answering more questions that were submitted during our recent webinar, ArcGIS Utility Network - Making the Business Case. 

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How are you editing utility data in Field Maps? Esri documentation states editing is not supported in the mobile app or map viewer. Do you publish a separate service without the network?

You are correct. Robert Krisher from Esri discusses the latest Field Maps support here: Editing of the UN is currently performed in the web applications but with anticipation of Field Maps soon! Aqua does use some limited data collection with Field Maps, though not tied to the UN.


What Hydraulic Modelling programs are supporting the schema from the UN? Can you give an example of a client that has a 1:1 relationship between their UN GIS and their hydraulic model?

Innovyze InfoWater and WaterGEMS are the two most of our clients seem to be using, though we have not reached the integration points on those projects. The InfoWater Pro product reports to be compatible with the UN and expanding support. I suggest continuing to watch their websites for updates.


What is holding back real-time SCADA integration? Security concerns?

Yes, security concerns are generally the primary reason for holding back SCADA integrations.


ESRI claims that an entire server is required for each utility network. Are they serious?

We do recommend dedicated servers for each UN to ensure adequate performance and system isolation.


How does an organization develop an RFP for staff augmentation? At what levels are the staffing providing support?

It varies widely from one organization to another. I may have mentioned this in passing during the webinar. Our experience has generally been that available budget is the largest driver for support, followed by staff capabilities. Support can vary from simple consultation to full editing and implementation. It really depends on what you need to meet your business objectives.


Has Axim helped a customer completely move over existing water data to the Utility Network? I've heard it can take quite a while to move over existing data and was wondering if someone has already finished moving their data over.

Yes! I would expect a timeline from 12-18 months to fully implement a water system, including data migration. Significant amount of data cleanup, if required, would add to this time.


Was the data complete before exploring UN? If not, what steps were taken to make sure the system is ready to explore UN? How long has it been since the exploring UN? Regarding reporting, what platform do you use for reporting?

No data is ever likely to be "complete" and all appear to be a "work in progress." When implementing the UN, we recommend migrating the data you already have. Aqua implemented the UN about two years ago and continues to expand their system and bring in new assets on a daily basis. We are also using Crystal Reports for reporting.


Did Aqua Water establish asset hierarchy during this entire process? At which point of process was this done?

Aqua did not establish a separate asset hierarchy. We used Esri's base UN model for water and extended it with a limited number of asset types within the established asset groups during the design process.



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