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Axim supports the Maintenance, Sustainment, and Enhancement of the US Navy’s Esri ArcGIS Platform, the GeoReadiness Enterprise System (GES). This system has been implemented and is centrally hosted at NAVFAC’s Information Technology Center (NITC). This centralized ArcGIS Enterprise implementation serves the Navy’s worldwide mission. As such, our team utilizes the ArcGIS Enterprise platform in a highly available, multi-machine configuration. The Axim team is currently supporting an enterprise database migration as well as planning for a migration of the full system capability to the Navy Cloud hosting environment.

All enterprise GIS implementations owe their value to the disciplined discovery, collection, integration, and distribution of quality data. Our team of data architects, application architects, and solutions engineers support the Navy Data Model (NDM) implementation. This data model serves as the Navy’s “Rosetta Stone”, aligning GIS data to real property data to real world assets and data collection.

To distribute this data, our team maintains the middleware, Esri’s ArcGIS Server, to aggregate and integrate this data with other business system data. This data is then served out via web map services for use in client applications.

The GeoReadiness Explorer (GRX) is a Web Application Builder (WAB) based application that Axim configured and customized to support the capabilities of the global user base. It provides a consolidated interface to view installation information, facility information, asset management data, and utility data (to name a few). GRX acts as a single integration point for other systems. Using GRX as a base platform, end users are now able to customize customer focused applications to serve many Navy lines of business.

Prior to GRX, each region had its own viewer (on its own codebase and database schema) to visualize its GIS data. Axim was tasked with identifying commonalities and providing the same enterprise capability for all NAVFAC regions. GRX was a program that grew out of the need for consistency. It has since evolved into a program that uses a modern Portal to provide self-service map and app creation while maintaining authoritative and accurate sources of geographic data integrated with other mission support systems. Axim configured the ArcGIS Enterprise to allow GRX Managers to control who has access to items shared to Regional and Business Line Groups, while maintaining legacy capabilities such as media management and installation reports that are niche to the GeoReadiness System.

Axim provides full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) support to the Navy’s GeoReadiness Program to include requirements, design, development, testing, deployment, direct support, and project management. We’re grateful for our partnership supporting the Navy GeoReadiness Program and are humbled to be part of such an important mission.


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